Website & SEO Audits

The Website & SEO Checkup

The Website & SEO Checkup

One of the more popular services we provide here at MG3 WebWorks is an annual Website and/or Search Engine Optimization audit. In short, these options ensure that your code is still modernized & compliant, content is inline with your business needs, keywords and metadata are still relevant and prevalent, and most importantly, that you the client are still 100% pleased.

Order a Web & SEO Audit for just $199!

What makes the real difference?

Our team will filter through every page of your website both from the browser (Front-End) and in the code (Back-End) to assess the health and standing of your current web product. We'll also run dozens of Search Engine tests to process how your site is doing in terms of rankings, visibility, and prevalence with search phrases that are important to your business. The end product will be a detailed report 

The result will be a detailed report containing bugs, errors, warnings, and recommendations going forward, including an estimate for any work that may be relevant to your current situation. 

What can we offer?

  • Website Health Checkup
  • Quality Assurance Test
  • Content Assessment
  • Keyword/Metadata Updates
  • Code Compliancy Test
  • Search Engine Testing
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Newly Generated Sitemap

Our experienced team has worked with dozens of businesses in the greater Western New York & Buffalo region since 2004. From websites to custom applications, developed and marketed, let's start your web project today!